About Vertical Talent Solutions

The war for talent in the Financial Services IT space has never been more competitive, driven by increased competition by large industry competitors and rapidly growing Financial Services startups, and the rapidly changing technology, becoming obsolete in the blink of an eye. Every day Financial Services companies, from the smallest start-ups to the global conglomerates, struggle to find the best technical talent that will lead them into the future.

We know the problems Financial Services companies face: the best talent is not actively looking to move, the amount of talent in your preferred geographic location area is decreasing, your own talent is increasingly harder to retain, IT positions in areas such as Web Development, Architecture, and Design, just to name a few, are becoming increasingly hard to fill, and hiring costs are increasing accordingly. We also understand the constant pressure Financial Services companies face to stay on task while ahead of the competition, and the impact of a drawn-out talent search can have on tight deadlines.


• Our recruiting system can recruit 24/7/365

• Target hidden and passive candidates

• Quick turnaround for resume review

• Corporate Recruiting and Agency Leadership experience

• Provide market intelligence


• Our average time to present a candidate is less than 5 days

• One out of 4 in person interviews receive an offer

• 95% of offers made are accepted

• 92% of placements remain employed with client 3 years later

• Our results in the first 3 years

• Clients and candidates come back for repeat business and more opportunities

The war for top talent in Financial Services IT is real, and the battle is getting tougher by the day. Let us take on your most difficult positions to fill and find your top Financial Services talent that will take your organization to the next level.