IT Recruitment

Our primary niche in recruiting is full-time infrastructure and systems recruitment. System, Server, and Network Engineers, Administrators, Technicians, and Managers. If you’re wondering, retained services for this skill set are not available. There is simply not enough time to pay a retainer before we have an offer accepted. We are deeply sorry for this.

If you are hiring Infrastructure IT candidates on a remote basis and need a pipeline of screened talent, please Click Here to schedule a time to talk with us RIGHT NOW!

We also recruit for a variety of web roles - front, back, and full-stack. Our most condensed pipeline of talent is in the CT, MA, NY area. However, we have placed IT professionals across the country.

Non Technical Recruitment

Do you have other roles to fill in your organization? Perhaps repeat roles, positions you know you will need to have a pipeline for and constantly fill in order to scale. Large agency fees can be hard on the budget. Let us show you how to do this efficiently at a low cost to eliminate the need for expensive recruiting service.

Manage Your Recruitment Tools for you

One of our strengths is our experience with a variety of recruiting tools, and learning new tools fast. We have experience with a variety of tools. 

  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • ATS
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Dice
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • HubSpot 
  • Zapier
  • Various AI tools