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April 3, 2019
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Are you only recruiting part time?

Recruiting Part-Time?

One of my client companies is part of a peer group, an intimate group of competitors who share hiring best practices among other things.

Besides my client, all of the companies in the peer group admit they cannot find qualified candidates.

My client, on the other hand, is not only finding candidates, but they are also hiring high-quality local candidates for hard to fill positions, such as system administrators, system engineers, managers, and help desk personnel.

The peer companies have 0 candidates, where my client has 20 candidates in the pipeline.


Recruiting is not a part-time or side job, especially for hard to fill roles in a candidate-driven market. This includes specialized projects and other skill sets not related to increasing the targeted pipeline.

In a candidate-driven market, recruiters (corporate and agency) should be specialized per skill set. In my opinion, companies who are struggling to find candidates do not have a focused recruiting effort.

Examples that will present a challenge: simultaneous efforts by a recruiter for:

  • IT and Non-IT
  • Developers and Network Engineers
  • Sales and accounting

Examples of consistent targeted efforts that work at all levels:

  • Infrastructure
  • Web developers and web architects
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales

When a company has openings to fill, regular daily, uninterrupted focus on recruiting for that particular skill set is a must.

Anything else, any other effort outside of this type of focus – recruiting part-time or utilizing broad search parameters when finding talent – will result in a very slim or non-existent talent pool for your firm.

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